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SMM Promotion

What is SMM-promotion? – It is a set of tools for working with your social media audience.
Part of that audience belongs to your target audience and SMM helps to attract them to your business.


We work with popular social networks with a daily traffic of 100-500 million people per day. On these sites, in any case, there is the desired segment of users who will become your customers – it depends on the social network itself.

Why SMM?


To ignore such a powerful resource would be erroneous, but also suitable SMM-promotion is not for all businesses. The advantages of working in social networks are as follows:


The social networks we work with:




Working with Facebook means promoting with targeted ads. Fine-tuning audiences helps level out untargeted traffic. Both the ads and the landing page must be relevant to the user. Promotion is all about writing relevant posts.
According to 2021, the monthly audience of the network is almost 2.74 billion people in the world (the total reach of the audience in Ukraine through the advertising cabinet – 19.5 million). Among this number of potential customers, our task is to attract only interested users.

Instagram – is a social network where the main concept is visual. Photos are supplemented with hashtags and captions.SMM promotion in Instagram can have a video or photo format. Promotion in this social network involves working on the profile to fill it with relevant information. Together with a beautiful visual profile helps to quickly increase the level of targeted traffic.

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LinkedIn – a social network for finding business contacts. Advertising is set up through your own account and is more suitable for B2B business, that is, for finding business partners. The social network is great for long cycles and complex sales.
Business people are more serious, there is an opportunity to achieve a profitable partnership with a major partner.
The platform for SMM promotion in social networks is selected according to the requirements of the business, which are necessary for its maximum development. The SMM specialist evaluates the audience and decides which specific placements are worth working with.


Users go to Pinterest to get ideas, to be inspired – they are willing to spend on the things they like. The quality of the pins and their relevance to users’ requests play a key role in increasing the percentage of impressions. A beautiful, atmospheric profile is the result of painstaking work in which both the SMM specialist and the client themselves participate.

Many bloggers, artists and other personalities have accounts on Twitter whose opinions influence a large number of people (their followers). Famous brands have profiles on this social network that are regularly updated with content.
Most of the information in Twitter has a text form and is suitable for messages about new products, promotional offers, current news, discounts.



What tasks are solved by marketing in social networks?


SMM today converts sales, but to a greater extent the set of SMM measures is aimed at building a brand, strengthening the image and creating an atmosphere around the brand – to strengthen the reputation of the network.

Where do users go most often to learn more about a brand? First the website, right. And after that, to social networks. See how the company lives, how it maintains a community, communicates with users.

In addition, SMM-promotion helps to solve such problems:


Search for new customers (targeting advertising, increasing the reach of publications).
Forming an audience around the brand and brand loyalty (promotions, contests, activities).
Транзакционные рассылки
Work with reputation (SERM) in social networks. Creating a positive image in the eyes of users.
Dialogue and rapprochement with your audience, which will help improve your product or service.
Товарная галерея



We work with different directions:

SMM marketing strategy


The main advantage of social networks is the rapid feedback from the audience.

The more social media users discuss and interact with your content through likes, comments, reposts, etc., the better your brand ranks. And the higher your community ranks in the feed. Dealing with negativity on social media is just as important as being thankful for positivity.

Working with SMM opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses. But, social marketing is not suitable for everyone. For example, a service like taxiing is in demand in the here and now. They will not look for you on Instagram. Therefore, you need to evaluate development opportunities even before developing an advertising strategy. However, for the formation of brand advocates and its community, even a cab service makes sense to be present in Instagram.

You choose one or more platforms for social marketing. We can help you with promotion of your pages in the social networks and with targeting advertising if this SMM service suits you. You try it, assess the results and prospects, and together we select an effective mix of tools at an adequate price.


Types of content


Interested users evaluate all the details of the publication and the overall appearance of the profile, which requires careful preparation of the published content.

It is divided into 4 types:

SMM promotion

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