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Web Analytics Setting Up

Web Analytics Setting Up

Web analytics is necessary for every Internet entrepreneur to track the results of his activities. It needs to be set up from the moment a business is launched online, so that the interaction of the first visitor with the site is taken into account by the system, and the collection of statistics begins.

Web Analytics — a system for collecting, measuring, analyzing information about visitors to resources in order to improve and optimize key performance indicators.

The main tasks of the analytics system:

  • monitoring site traffic;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • calculation of ROI;
  • search for profitable and unprofitable advertising channels;
  • identification of behavior patterns of visitors.

Web analytics tools evaluate the quality of traffic, content, usability, analyze your audience and evaluate of ROI. 

Before setting up analytics, we determine the goals that the site should achieve – these are the user’s targeted actions (registration, subscription, purchase, etc.).

What kind of work does the service “web analytics setting up”?

  1. setting goals and choosing metrics to track;
  2. installation of Google Analytics codes on the site;
  3. setting up account systems and profiles, filters and goals in Google Analytics to track; 
  4. data collection and processing;
  5. reporting.

When you order a web analytics setup, you get access to advanced statistics. Performance indicators provide a clear view of the portrait of users, an understanding of the real needs and expectations of the target audience. Based on it, we are developing ways to eliminate identified problems. We implement solutions to improve user patterns. Launching new features of the online platform.

Based on this information, we make adjustments to the existing promotion strategy and designate the vector of business development.

After setting up performance metrics, the information you’ve received will:

  • reduce the cost of attracting the target customer;
  • increase conversion by various sources of promotion;
  • improve user interaction with the website, and more.

Data is always in quick access – you can regularly review it and quickly respond to changes.

Each task requires its own tool for solving. But in the end, all of them lead to an increase in feedback from visitors and increase profits of the Company.

web analytics setting up

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