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SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management)

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management)

When a person thinks about buying or ordering a service, he wants to get acquainted with the company or brand in order to understand whether it is possible to entrust you with their money and comfort. Users are looking for information – mentions and reviews on the Internet. It’s in your interest that the search results contain real mentions and reviews of satisfied customers. Better – in a positive or at least neutral tone.

Online Reputation Management (SERM) — activities to manage information about you on the Internet.

It’s not enough to be in the TOP and bring target users to the website. You need to encourage them to complete the order. SERM – part of a set of works to promote SEO and PPC.

  • 85% of users look for reviews about a product or service before making a purchase;
  • presence in the TOP of only one negative review leads to a loss of 21.9% of potential customers, that is, to lost profits (MOZ data);
  • losses increase to 59.2% if there are 3 such responses;
  • 4 and more – and you are already losing more than 70% of potential customers;
  • 7 out of 10 customers are more likely to leave negative feedback;
  • 1 out of 10 – positive.

Working with SERM affects customer loyalty and forms brand advocates. Your customers according to online reviews and word of mouth bring new customers, due to which conversions grow.

When do you need reputation management?

  • if there is a large amount of negative in the network – the first page of the search results contains only negative reviews or articles about the company;
  • when competitors “TOP” – black PR lives, custom publications denigrating your business damage the reputation of online business;
  • in the absence or scarcity of information about you – when the image and reputation of the company have not been formed yet;
  • when creating a personal brand.

First of all, work with a reputation is necessary for brand companies, because it increases brand awareness. Information is stored on the Internet for a long time, so the effect of investing in SERM is long-term.

Customer perception of the company depends on how the business positions itself. ITForce experts study the business and develop a strategy to increase the image of your business on the Internet.

Work within the SERM service:

  • analysis of the business niche and ongoing reputation of the company;
  • analysis of the business niche and ongoing reputation of the company;
  • optimization of reviews on the site;
  • posting positive reviews in company directories, review websites, social networks, instant messengers, and other text websites;
  • work with objections and negative reviews;
  • monitoring of results, reporting and strategy adjustment.

Customer feedback on the Internet is one of the behavioral factors that affects site ranking. The more user comments and the better they are, the higher your site is in output, and the more traffic it brings. This means an increase in orders for you.

What is the result of SERM?

  • identifies and solves real user problems;
  • forms a positive image of the company;
  • works with the loyalty of customers;
  • increases the trust of the target audience;
  • promotes brand awareness.

The main thing is to solve the problems of users. After all, some positive reviews will not eliminate the problems of service, delay and product deficiencies. Be ready to improve the product and work on the service.

Over the years, the information field is saturated with the information you need and user confidence grows. You just have to keep track of brand references on the internet and maintain the level of reputation achieved. The result is the regular monitoring of company mentions on the Internet, not the one-time actions of a SERM expert.


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