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SEO Audits

Website audit

Every business owner on the Internet knows firsthand that creating a website and launching an advertisement is not a guarantee of effective promotion on the network. Everything depends on the website quality – because the better and more user-friendly the website, the higher the likelihood that user will make a purchase on your site.

Technical audit of the website – a set of measures aimed at identifying and eliminating errors on the site.

According to our statistics on working with client projects, 74% of visitors leave the website if it is not technically optimized for the user.

SEO audit of the website is necessary in such cases:


  • website has fallen under the sanction of search engines;
  • web project has been in the tail of the search for a long time;
  • to improve site visibility in search engines;
  • project work prevention.

When you just create a website or are engaged in an existing project, it is likely that the website is falling short of target. You do not get the maximum effect that your web project could provide with timely optimization. Some technical errors directly affect the perception of the website by search engines. And this affects the business profitability.

Search algorithms are improved every day. It’s not enough to optimize the website once. Each project requires regular diagnosis and timely response to changes in the ranking of search engines.

Our goal is systematic work to improve your online business. In the screenshot below, you can see our Client’s project – we see a regular increase in traffic (result + 1100%) after the technical errors were fixed. Deliverable is an increase in the number of applications and orders.

The actions that we implement after website analyzing for errors improve the project visibility in search engines. And this contributes to the growth of positions and traffic, i.e., site traffic.

A website that is optimized correctly responds fully to a user’s queries. Search engines like this website and it’s easier to promote it to the TOP.

1 Website technical analysis

Search SEO audit identifies problems in the technical part of the site.
Our experts give importance to the careful elaboration of the project code, where, as a rule, could be found the majority of errors that are not visible when viewing the site on the web.

Dealing with problems such problems affects the site’s position in the Search, traffic and conversions.

After eliminating the errors found, the project rises in Search, because now the site meets the requirements of search engines.

The simplest example is that your website is accidentally closed from indexing somehow. Of course, search robots do not bypass it, which means that there is no traffic and visitors on the website.

And whatever you do, your website won’t be indexed and won’t grow until the error would be found and resolved.

2 Meta Tagging Tips

Meta tags are needed to correctly display page information in search results.

Title and Description you see as a snippet when you enter a query into Search. Therefore, the more clearly and accurately the Title and Description reflect the content of the page, the more often users click on your URL. The frequency of clicks to the website shows search engines that the web site is in demand. Such a website is located on the higher positions in the Search.

The technical SEO audit service involves the recommendations on the structure of composing meta tags or a reference template with micro-marking if there are no tags in your project.

3 Usability

Tuning the usability of a web project is necessary for the optimal placement of objects on the website pages. This can be a product card, a filter system, a user-friendly search menu, the correct division into product categories, etc.

Proper optimization of usability affects the speed of decision-making for purchase. After all, the easier it is for visitors to navigate the site, the more loyal they would be, and the more likely they will become a “client”.

4 Content Optimization Suggestions

When a user enters a query into Search and then follows the link, he expects to see the answer to his question on the website opened.

Content that is written on the basis of well-assembled semantics works just that way – it maximally meets the needs of the target audience. The user stays on the page that is relevant to his query. This improves website metrics.

After a full audit, we make recommendations for optimizing website content in a separate file:

  • wishes for improving text (headings, spam, uniqueness, optimization for voice search);
  • semantic core analysis and rework tips;
  • image optimization guidelines.

5 Link mass audit

Why is it important to keep a check on the link profile?

The poor quality of backlinks from spammed sites threatens with sanctions by search engines. This reduces the position in the SERP and leads to a drop in traffic. The site stops showing in Search, and you are rapidly losing visitors and orders.

“Clean” external link profile is a guarantee that your site will not fall under SE filters.

Based on the results of a comprehensive SEO audit, you get a document with the errors found and a list of recommendations for improving the functioning of the web project.
After making all the changes, the visibility of the website in the Search grows, which entails an influx of search traffic and customers.

We regularly check the website and monitor the implemented recommendations. We listen to your wishes and draw up a website promotion strategy with you.
A team of 5 people is working on your project. Once every 2 weeks, we coordinate the work done, make changes.

SEO Audit

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