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SEO at the development stage

SEO at the development stage

The website’s purpose is to attract customers and profit.
It’s more effective to take into account the requirements of search engines before launching a project on the network.
When ordering the promotion of a newbie website in search engines, you get the opportunity to foresee and lay down the necessary functionality, take into account technical and SEO recommendations before the project’s release.

SEO at the development stage will speed up getting into the index and search engines will better rank the website. Such a site is more likely to get into the TOP-10.

Why do you need to order SEO at the development stage?

The task of the site is to sell. The main mistake in creating 90% of websites is unclear statement of task by the customer. These are the goals that the site should achieve after release: traffic and sales.

According to our statistics, most owners of ready-made new projects experience problems with optimization and promotion. Therefore, it’s more logical to immediately design a site for SEO than to redo what you do have. So, from the very beginning, you will sharpen the project for promotion, and after the project goes to the open Internet, you will not need the help of programmers to fix the problems found.

Structure – Web project framework.
The correct structure of the website is the basis of the sales funnel in which you lay the client’s path from an acquaintance with your site to the final conversion.

A preliminary analysis of competitors and their key queries, the distribution of semantics and the studying of pages that will generate traffic, the adjustment of internal linking – without these actions the site will not bring the deliverables that you expect. Whether it’s a landing page, a service website or an online store. The variability of SEO work depends on the type of website.

SEO at the initial stage takes into account the analysis, development and issuance of recommendations, including on-page SEO (meta tags and canonical tags, headings, page previews).

Based on our experience in SEO-promotion of new web projects, we have developed our own website launching methodology.

The main work that we carry out for new websites:

  • analysis of the market and its main players;
  • technical preparation of the website for launch or for moving to a new domain;
  • analysis of the competitors structure and development of their own through visualization in the mind map;
  • collecting the full semantic core and clustering key queries;
  • recommendations to the programmer on creating new page types;
  • ToR on writing content for new landing pages;
  • internal linking on site;
  • recommendations for optimizing and filling meta tags;
  • transferring content to a new domain and setting up redirects (in case of relocation);
  • recommendations on the project usability;
  • analysis and recommendations for building a link profile.

As a result, you get a document with recommendations, the accounting of which even at the design stage helps site promotion. That is, a site that is completely ready for external promotion.

We are developing your business in accordance with our best practices and ongoing trends in the SEO world. We listen to your wishes and draw up a website promotion strategy together. A team of 5 people is working on the project. The budget is open. Once every 2 weeks, coordination of the work done, making changes.

We have a common goal. You should be prepared to respond quickly and make changes to the website. Improve it. After all, we strive for this.


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