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Contextual Advertising Management

Contextual Advertising Management

After setting up advertising campaigns, you need to track its work and optimize it. So it will bring much more effect: you will get more targeted clicks at a lower cost. Contextual advertising will pay off sooner, you will reduce the cost of PPC and save the budget.

Contextual advertising management – conducting advertising campaigns from the moment of setting up, tracking and adjusting work with reporting.

How advertising campaigns management differ from its setup?

After setting up, the specialist does not track the effectiveness of your contextual advertising. But search campaigns often need regular adjustments, because there are too many factors affected its work.

What is included in the contextual advertising management:

  1. initial assessment of the project (budget, cost of advertising);
  2. selection of effective keywords and conversion queries;
  3. recommendations for landing pages optimization;
  4. ads creating (text, photo);
  5. advertising on the websites;
  6. campaigns monitoring (keywords and queries optimization, tracking ad positions, excluding irrelevant websites for display, evaluating user interaction with advertising);
  7. analysis of project results and optimization;
  8. scaling (increasing budgets, implementing new features of Google).

Work with contextual advertising means testing embedded tools and developing results, as well as:

  1. CPC tracking;
  2. keyword developing;
  3. identifying effective ads, and those that do not bring results, and their disabling;
  4. defining user audiences, adding new targeting;
  5. conversion, ROI and daily budget analysis.

Regular study of keywords improves the deliverable of campaigns – this is how we find new user audiences, and we turn off ineffective ones. Accounting for these metrics allows you to reduce the cost of a click, increase conversion, get more profitable positions in the SERP and reduce costs for contextual advertising.

*If you haven’t set up web analytics at the stage of setting up your account, we’ll do it.

As a result, you get the launched campaigns:

  • search engine advertising;
  • display Network;
  • social network advertising;
  • remarketing;
  • dynamic remarketing;
  • product advertising.

The advertising complex may vary depending on your goals and campaign performance indicators.

Contextual advertising way to pay – per click, we are interested in the client’s business receiving targeted traffic. Our experts track your advertising performance and offer options for its optimization (dynamic remarketing, advertising in Google Shopping, etc.). When you order the service of advertising campaign management Google Ad in ITForce, you get the result.

In addition, we always meet the wishes of the Client, but without compromising for your budget and contextual advertising effectiveness.

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