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Link building

Link building

Backlinks are one of the high-priority factors for website ranking by search engines. Backlinks help the website with the trust of search engines if the SEO is done correctly. As a result, they influence the growth of positions in search results. The higher the position of your website, the more often users go to it. This is an increase in traffic, brand awareness and increased sales.

Link building — is an effective website promotion strategy by placing backlinks on third-party websites.

The task of link building is to increase the credibility of a web project in search engines. Higher website authority – higher SERP position.

Link building

The main components of a link promotion strategy

We develop our own link marketing strategy for each business. We proceed from the tasks and the type of website. ITForce experts regularly test hypotheses, obtain a result, analyze it, draw conclusions and act according to a team-developed solution.

The goal of our work — is to qualitatively increase the link profile of the website by systematically applying various strategies. So we will achieve a significant deliverable.

When you order link building from ITForce, you can be sure that our specialists will build a quality link strategy. What does that mean? We take into account the smooth growth of your link profile. We avoid sudden drops and jumps in link building. We do not want to provoke a link explosion and cause search engine sanctions on the site.

Before creating a link strategy, We determine the pages to which backlinks will lead – these landing pages should bring traffic and leads. We are negotiating with the owners of the websites on which we will post links. And after – we control the execution.

Each niche has its own tools. We determine them based on the analysis of your business and competitors’ resources.

Works that we carry out for link building:

1 Link Profile Analysis:

  • quality audit of existing backlinks;
  • removal of low-quality links;
  • analysis of the competitor’s link mass;
  • creating a link building strategy for 3-6 months.

2 Quality control:

  • regional affiliation of websites for placing backlinks;
  • traffic;
  • thematic areas;
  • quality of donor websites;
  • anchor/non-anchor ratio.

3 Link Tactics:

  • outreach;
  • page placement;
  • content marketing;
  • reviews on review sites;
  • crowd marketing;
  • links from social networks.

We give priority to outreach links, and we set backlinks manually. We buy the link mass at trust sites with regular traffic, where target users of the client’s business niche are present. So, references to the customer’s website are natural.

Such actions increase the trust of search engines to the site and reduce the likelihood of sanctions. The site works stably effectively: it brings traffic and sales.


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