3 Case: Search engine promotion for an English language school
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Search Engine Promotion for an English School

SEO (search promotion)
Search Engine Promotion for an English School
Previously, another SEO team handled the Client’s website. The Client wanted to improve the search promotion.
Region: Ukraine

How to increase traffic in the niche of language courses

About the client

redford.ua - A network of English language schools in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia. Individual and group lessons for different levels of knowledge of students of all age groups, speaking club. Working offline and online since 2017.
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We were looking for a company for SEO listing and setting up Google ads. The competition in the niche is very high, therefore, it was necessary to do SEO as correctly and focally as possible.
The task was to get the maximum number of customers at the lowest price.
The decision to start work was made after studying company cases and observing it ratings on different freelance platforms. Also, before changing our current vendors, we asked for audit real situation with the expected work plan.
Before starting work, we detailed the goals. What positions do you want to get in SEO. What is the maximum client price for campanies. What is the budget and how much we want to get customers. Within a week, the guys tuned the campany and we started work. By google ads we got the result instantly. Seo had to wait a bit. But when the traffic went we received more customers than we expected.
We had weekly phone calls for project statuses. But if necessary, all the guys were online and were ready to answer all questions.
I am absolutely pleased with the results of our work. I got the planned value of customers for cheaper than I had planned. For all key queries I took first place in the issuance of Google.

Who worked on the project

Email - marketing
Region: Canada
Service: Email-marketing

The Client independently did mailings but didn't use other email marketing tools besides promotions. He came to us to improve the result of email marketing.

App Store Optimization
Region: USA
Service: App Store Optimization

The Client had an app page and decided to try out a new kind of promotion to improve page performance in the Google Play store.

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