3 Case study: Contextual advertising for a health products website
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Improving effectiveness with Smart Shopping Campaigns

PPC (contextual advertising)
Improving effectiveness with Smart Shopping Campaigns
We suggested that our loyal client set up a Smart Shopping Campaign to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Overall, the Smart Shopping Campaign for 2 months gave us more effective results than standard shopping for 7 months.
Region: Ukraine

Improving effectiveness with Smart Shopping Campaigns

About the client

online store for health products, organic food, face and body cosmetics.
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I began working with this company on Google Ads over a year ago. They optimized and continue to optimize our contextual advertising (disabled idle ads, added minus words, …), set up a number of new campaigns. Traffic and revenue began to grow immediately after setting up a Standard Shopping Campaign. A Smart Shopping Campaign was launched after that. As a result, my site traffic increased 3 times and advertising costs only 2 times during its work.
Tech support is quick and effective. We received an answer even after-hours several times. It was pleasant and unexpected to receive a gift from them for the New Year).
For now, we have expanded our cooperation and now the guys are working with us on SEO-promotion. We started cooperation only this month so I’m not ready to say anything about the results.

Who worked on the project

Email - marketing
Region: Canada
Service: Email-marketing

The Client independently did mailings but didn't use other email marketing tools besides promotions. He came to us to improve the result of email marketing.

App Store Optimization
Region: USA
Service: App Store Optimization

The Client had an app page and decided to try out a new kind of promotion to improve page performance in the Google Play store.

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