3 Case: Contextual advertising for a flower shop in Canada
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Contextual advertising for a flower shop in Canada

PPC (contextual advertising)
Contextual advertising for a flower shop in Canada
Our Client had several ad campaigns running with conversion tracking. The Client wanted more and prolonged advertising effect.
Region: Canada

How to reduce your conversion cost by 72% on a limited budget

About the client

nectarflowersottawa.ca - Flower delivery with office in Ottawa.
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We searched online and tried few other agencies before finding ITForce. Our main concern was lack of stable results, as we were not satisfied with a short-term two weeks increase in sale.
We were looking for a professional to setup and adapt Google Ads Campaigns in order to respond to seasonality of the market.
We wanted to spend less and earn more. As any other business. Our goals vary from month to month and some of them were/are:
– attract more visitors to the website – attract more customers to the website;
– generate leads;
– optimize conversion rates;
– optimize budget;
– build our brand by creating unique and catchy ads etc.
We were looking for a constant growth and we are achieving it with ITForce.
We communicate through work chats or calls and ITForce is always flexible in terms of timing and responding. Marketing manager sets up an advertising plan while PPC specialist integrates it into the reality. I always receive monthly reports along with setup plans for the next month and weekly updates on my campaigns.
I have worked closely with marketing manager, PPC specialist, copywriters and customer support team.
We are constantly reaching our goals- we spend less and earn more Our conversion rate is getting lower and lower, bringing more profit to the company while we also get a constant flow of returning customers.
Very effective and productive. ITForce is always online, always on call and always respond. They reacted to my needs faster than any company I’ve worked with.
To expand their services further, it would be great if they found a way to ease the language barrier.

Who worked on the project

Email - marketing
Region: Canada
Service: Email-marketing

The Client independently did mailings but didn't use other email marketing tools besides promotions. He came to us to improve the result of email marketing.

App Store Optimization
Region: USA
Service: App Store Optimization

The Client had an app page and decided to try out a new kind of promotion to improve page performance in the Google Play store.

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