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Contextual advertising for a balloon store

PPC (contextual advertising)
Contextual advertising for a balloon store
Advertising activities for Valentine's Day have already been carried out several times. This time we decided to set up a Smart Local Campaign on a trial basis.
Region: Ukraine

How the experimental campaign became the first in terms of conversions and profitability in the account

About the client

yumi.kh.ua - store of balloons and goods for the holiday. Office in Kharkiv. Has been working since 2014.
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We’ve been working with ITForce since December 2016. We started our cooperation because earlier I was disappointed in the contextual advertising agencies altogether – I had changed a ton of contractors before, everyone screws my brain out of my mind with all the bullshit I didn’t need. They didn’t want to understand our product at least a little.
Therefore, I gave the task to Marina, at that time she held the post of a manager at UMI, to go to context courses, listen to what is it all about, and find me adequate and normal contractors so that we could shine in the first position on Google for adequate money. Which Marina did. And found you guys.
Then we worked productively, and one of the main advantages I can highlight is that there is involvement in the process for our further normal work and receiving orders.
My requests were simple:
— Request “balloons Kharkiv” – here we have to shine first, ok?
– OK.
– So we are working. Is our ad budget stable?
– Stable.
– Orders are coming? Is telephony ringing?
– That`s all right.
– Well, here you go.
Here is my order digitization.
Internal settings in the cabinets or what the price of a click is, I definitely do not want to take a close look at it. I only move forward and the other stuff – let the guys figure it out. We’ll solve problems as they come. While they call – it means that everything is alright.
I want to say thanks to our manager Elena for saving us from unnecessary questions and that during our work you definitely showed your involvement in understanding our product, because without this you cannot set up normal advertising.
We have been engaged in SEO optimization of the site for the last six months. Here we have the same simple criteria for evaluating the work of the guys: we have grown in the search results, yes, we have grown. Then it’s quarantine, then some kind of crisis, then something else, so we temporarily suspended the work, but, I think, soon back to it in time.
Long story short, stop texting, it’s time to work. I’m pleased with the cooperation with ITForce. Moving on!
P.S. A real rate of focus on results is perseverance and skill in achieving goals. Elena persistently “got” this feedback out of me. Not because she tried to strain me in some way, but because I ignored her a little. Nevertheless, she put the squeeze on me. Respects to Elena, you are great, keep it up!

Who worked on the project

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