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“When will my site get in the top of Google and Yandex?”, “When will the number of sales increase and how much?”, “How much will the traffic increase over a certain time?”.. These are the most popular questions that the client poses during negotiations.

SEO-expert makes an approximate forecast and determines the timing of the site on the first page of search engines based on analyzing the external and internal metrics of the web project.

However, forecasts will not always coincide with the actual periods.

There are a lot of parameters that affect getting a site into the Top 10. Therefore, the position of the website can both grow rapidly and stand still for some time. This process is influenced by specific factors that do not always depend on the optimizer.

Factors affecting the website’s getting in the TOP:

1. Domain history and age

According to a study by the Ahrefs team, the average age of pages from Google’s TOP 10 is approximately 2+ years. And about 22% of the websites launched less than a year ago.
This means that every 4-5th new website can be in the TOP. Ahrefs then analyzed 2 million random new pages and found that 5.7% of it was ranked in the TOP 10 search results for the year by at least one keyword.
Most of it has a history of 61-182 days. Moreover, these are pages that promoted on low-frequency queries.

The remaining 95% of the pages examined were not in the top ten. Most likely, these are pages with high-frequency queries.
All this shows that the age of the web project affects the promotion rate.

Every 4-5th new site has a chance to get into the TOP.

2. Search algorithms and search results

Search engines continual analyze websites with queries that users click on.
Algorithms are constantly updated, and pages with more relevant information that maximally respond to users queries get in the TOP.

Also, users can ask non-obvious queries. For example, “curtains for the bedroom”.


In this example, it’s not obvious whether visitors just want to see a photo of the curtains or purchase curtains or tulle.
The search results will be mixed in an attempt to please the user.
In the screenshot, in addition to the photo, we see pictures, commercial websites and informational articles with ideas for the bedroom decorating.

Usually, in such cases with a blurry query, the first page of the search results contains:

  • forums and groups on social networks (it is more informative, more entertaining and viral);
  • information portals (contain useful information);
  • aggregator sites combining data from several sources by type of goods and services (,

Data portals and aggregator sites will always be at the top, because it has a large database of solutions to problems and most closely matches user queries.
Such websites in the search results make it difficult to get to the TOP.

Firstly, it is very difficult, almost impossible to compete with them.
Secondly, the number of places in the top ten for ordinary narrowly targeted commercial websites is decreasing.

Cheer up! The situation may change, and many web projects of companies will appear again. Not only web portals and aggregator sites will always be at the top, because they have a large database of solutions to problems and most closely match user queries.

Search results change for various reasons.

3. Consumer demand

This demand is not related to the seasonality of the query, which can be predicted and estimated.
Consumer demand depends on the behavioral characteristics of users. You should also consider the virality of the content that no one undertakes to predict.

Example: 3D printers, drones, children’s fashion for cartoon toys.
Demand is constantly changing and brings new products and services to favorites. Therefore, traffic to the site can both decrease and increase. And SEO has nothing to do with it.

Trends directly affect traffic.

4. Changes indexing rate

It’s hard to say for sure at what pace the search engines indexing changes and how quickly it makes adjustments.
SEO experts can only approximately predict the timing of indexing, using methods that can speed up this process.
As a rule, search robots visit large projects much more often than small projects.

When studying a project, it is difficult for a specialist to say how often the bot bypasses the websites and makes changes to its work. You need time and constant work on optimizing the website to speed up the indexing.

Search engines indexing changes on the website depending on certain factors and according to its schedule.

5. Domain background

Internal page optimization begins with a review of the website domain history.

The SEO-experts, first of all, get acquainted with the history of domain registration, its indexing and sanctions, applied (not applied) to the project.

Initial analysis will show only obvious problems. The service allows you to view archived copies of sites of various periods of limitation and make a preliminary analysis. The full analytic spectrum should strive for Google.Analytics.

5.1 Penalties

Sanctions applied increases the period of work to bring the site to the TOP.
After all, you first need to remove the project from the filters, rewrite the SEO articles rejected by the search engines, optimize the website, index the changes made and then promote the project.

Reasons to be sanctioned:

  • black SEO-promotion (re-optimization, purchase of poor-quality links);
  • improper site transfer (changing the project structure or creating a new one without closing the pages from indexing);
  • site history (novelty for search engines);
  • non-unique content;
  • re-optimized texts;
  • hidden text (hidden text of the same color with the site background is placed on the page – this is done to saturate the page with keywords);
  • a large amount of advertising and pop-ups;
  • broken links (solution – regular check, correction).

“White” SEO.

6. Adjustment

The faster the changes are agreed between the contractor and the customer, the faster the result of work will be visible.
Project adjustment rate is important.

In addition, at the end of Article 2, additional factors that should be taken into account when bringing a site in the TOP-10.

7. Competitors

Competitors do not stand still, they also work on their projects and optimize it.
It is impossible to know in advance what changes they will introduce and how search engines will rank it. Also, a new participant may enter the market, and he will also make changes to the search results.

You should regularly update your website.

8. User behavioral factors

The SEO-expert does a great job of putting things in order on the pages, but the main reason, determines the “commitment” of visitors to the website, is not.
There are different parameters for the convenience of using the website for each site theme.

First of all, users pay attention to сlear navigation, completeness of response, fast loading of the site, usability, etc.
There is no correct data guaranteeing the visitors’ loyalty. We can only assume it based on the analysis of the search results of TOP-10. And propose solutions by testing. But the final decision will be yours! 

Easy-to-use and completeness of the website response.


The website’s bringing rate to the TOP depends on internal and external factors. It can guarantee promotion, especially if the website falls under the filters of search engines.
SEO-expert explains the likely causes of growth or lag. The specialist develops a further strategy for the development and promotion of the project based on the data obtained.

Don’t forget about behavioral factors. This is a significant and completely unpredictable element of surprise.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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