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At least a third part of customers will find out about your company through the website when they entering a search query that interests them. Now when your site is in the TOP, users are clicks to it. Thus, the site literally finds customers for you itself.

Why we create a website for e-commerce?

  • to attract more visitors;
  • sale of goods or services;
  • profit.

If you turn to search engine optimization methods, these processes are accelerated (see our cases about SEO). No, your site won't enter the TOP in a week. After all, this is unnatural. So how can SEO help?

SEO will make the site gradually move upward in SERP - the website visibility in the Search will improve, the web project will gain higher positions and thus move closer to the TOP. Then its visibility will increase and the likelihood of converting a visitor to a client will increase. And these are new orders and profits.

You probably know what SEO is, but let's repeat:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization = Search Engine Promotion = SEO Promotion.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a set of works on internal and external optimization of a website to increase its position in search results to increase site traffic and traffic monetization.

In other words, this is a way to help search engines better recognize the site and attract it with leadership.

SEO makes the site rise higher and faster in Search than competitors.

Promotion goals:

  • improve the web project visibility by relevant queries;
  • raise the website position in organic search results;
  • satisfy user intent;
  • attract target audience to the site;
  • convert part of visitors to customers.

The task flow from one another. In addition, SEO helps improve brand awareness.

How to achieve this? Work with external and internal optimization.

Before the final battle with white walkers (competitors), each tool should stay sharp and run smoothly.

Therefore, we always start with reconnaissance before the battle, preparing our own forces and developing tactics for attacking the enemy.

1. Preparing your own internal forces (internal website optimization)

SEO: наука или магия

Casting arrowheads and spears from dragon glass, searching in Westeros for the rest of the blades from Valyrian steel, training civilians the peculiarities of a close fight, the supply of provisions, is a long and inevitable process before the battle. But without these actions, there is no hope of a favorable outcome of the battle with the Night King.

Not even in SEO – work to improve the ranking of a website by search bots helps the growth of positions in Search.

What measures provides for internal site optimization:

  1. header optimization (availability of the main key query);
  2. meta tag optimization (Unique Title and Description of the page, Alt and Title of images, the presence of the second most important key query);
  3. structured data optimization (high-quality information processing on the site, a unique snippet);
  4. work with content (practicality, compliance with user query);
  5. control of pages nesting level (1st level for commercial pages);
  6. lack of content duplicates (duplicate blocks are removed or closed from indexing);
  7. interlinking (categories of menus, pages, ensuring trouble-free access to other pages);
  8. social media buttons (increase the behavioral characteristics of users);
  9. site usability improvements;
  10. additional services for detecting bugs.

What else do we need to win? It would not hurt to enlist the support of the allies to strengthen our own troops.

2. Allies involvement (external website optimization)

SEO: наука или магия

Unsullied, Dothraki, savages, dragons – outsiders Daenerys assistants in the struggle for the Iron Throne.

External optimization of the site helps us in the fight against competitors for entering the TOP. It provides for building a website profile with links.
The more sites with similar topics link to you, the more authority your site acquires in a given topic. So, the more popular the web project that links to you, the more weight it transfers to you.
The most attractive sites for link placement are trusted websites because it is highly trusted by search engines.

What usually increase the link mass of the site, where does it get the links from?

  • link exchange;
  • natural links from forums, Q/A services;
  • backlinks from article posting websites, thematic web platforms, news portals;
  • UGC (user links to your website).

By the way, the UGC tool has not yet been duly appreciated as it should. And it, meanwhile, is the most trustworthy in terms of users.
Whom would you rather believe: a known user who has a discussion on the website, a friend on social networks who shared UGC, or an unknown person who posted a link to a site in a forum thread?
Crowd marketing is a great working tool that provides amazing effects. However, it is paid. But UGC is not.

User-generated content built on the pure enthusiasm of people satisfied with the product or service received an answer to a question, and now boldly recommend you to others.

3. Transaction guarantees (time frames for measurable outcomes of search promotion)


The Red Woman prophesied Stannis Baratheon victory not only in the Royal Harbor, but also in Winterfell. For this, he even sacrificed his daughter to the Master of Peace. But this step turned out to be useless.

In our case, such a terrible act is not needed. But we won’t give a 100% guarantee, like Melisandre (we considered this issue in detail in the article “Why it is not given the exact deadline to get the site to the top”).
However, there is good news – everyone will survive.

We can see the first results from SEO for about the 2-3rd month of work. The promotion period directly depends on the subject of the website and the result that we expect (the first shifts of the website in the search for key queries). The approximate time for the website to move to a position higher than the current one is from an average of 6 months. 

Offer, the availability of analogous products, and the number of competitors in a niche – everything matters in search promotion.
In addition, one should take into account the constant updates of search algorithms and consumer behavior; it changes over time.

Many indicators play a role in promotion in the Search (for more details, see our article “Top Google Ranking Factors That Site Owners Don’t Know About”).
That’s why search engine promotion is so important for business.

We briefly list the parameters that affect the website position in the Search in 2019:

  • internal optimization and project structure;
  • technical component (speed, meta tags, etc.);
  • mobile version of the site;
  • usability and behavioral factors;
  • number and quality of site pages;
  • profile with links;
  • content (high-quality photo and video reviews).

What does this mean for you? What points should be considered in creating and promoting a website:

  • convenient product catalog (assortment, price, product characteristics, images);
  • open working conditions (shipping, payment, contacts);
  • content (promotions, reviews, articles, recommendations, videos (by the way, the presence of video is +100 to page karma));
  • SEO meta tags (Title, Description, image tags, URLs) are registered. Read about writing rules here**;
  • purchased external links to the website (incoming links, query wording);
  • add social network buttons (the “Share” button on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

On the promoted site everything should be clear, as on the map of Westeros.

So, when all the data has been taken into account and put into operation, and the battle has taken place, we must evaluate how successful our preparation was and whether we received a satisfactory result of the offensive operation.

4. The outcome of the battle or the outcome evaluation of the promotion

SEO: наука или магия

What KPIs did the heroes of the Game of Thrones guide?
Perhaps only one – win the Iron Throne.

What KPI do we evaluate the effectiveness of the search engine optimization:

  • visibility (position change in the Search for key queries);
  • received search traffic for commercial queries + CPL (cost per lead);
  • conversions from the desired action;
  • average basket;
  • number of user sessions;
  • average CTR;
  • bounce rate.

The first point is simple and clear – we manually entered the targeted queries into the search that the project was promoting on and see if it reached the desired position.
The traffic received and other indicators of web analytics will be shown to us in Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.
Generally, any indicators of web analytics give an idea of the effectiveness.

So what is SEO?
Is it a fire-breathing dragon that, on the instructions of an SEO specialist, burns everything in its path, or is it a well-tuned plan of measures for search promotion, which the optimizer has been phasing in and which allowed the website to get into the TOP?

Where does science end and magic begin?

5. SEO – science or magic?

SEO: наука или магия

According to Google, the best approach to search engine optimization is its absence.
Most likely, they had in mind “natural” SEO – when links to a website are formed in a natural way (it is left by users (UGC), and not placed by the optimizer). This is a long and unreliable method – in addition to the fact that the site should be in the TOP of search results, it should become so trustworthy that users want personally share a link to it.
Imagine how long it will take for a new site to go up.

Every business owner on the Internet wants to get first place in SERP as quickly as it’s possible. It is obvious. This is what SEO will help him with.
First, a responsible SEO expert will collect the semantics of the project and make up the site structure.
Then, an expert will conduct an audit, summarize technical errors in the document and give it to the programmer for revision. After that, the specialist will check the control profile of the website and analyze competitors.
The analysis result is the recommendations that will become the basis of the TR for the site development.

Search engine optimization is not “Dracarys” for competitors. But close. This is a clear algorithm of coordinated actions of the optimizer and the customer to improve the website visibility in the Search.

The final result of the work is an increase in sales.

The promotion tools are the same for everyone. But search engine optimization will not produce the desired result without relevant experience, healthy perfectionism, intuition and a bit of luck from an SEO expert.
That’s why all say that SEO methods are magic.

We at ITForce believe that the main thing in promotion is “white SEO”, and then all the so-called magic is well explained. The methods of “black” SEO will burn you as if Khal Drogo had burnt Royal Harbor and Red Castle, and be done with it.
We promote the sites of our clients with exclusively white methods.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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