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Today our task is not to figure out what to post on Instagram, but which visual to choose to build the grid.

1. Introduction. Importance of Instagram

Year of 2019.
Instagram is gaining momentum every month as a full-fledged platform for e-commerce.
All brands, from fashionable clothes to the production of plastic bottles, aspire to have an Instagram account.
But registering their brand on Instagram, owners do not realize that visual content is the key to successful Instagram promotion.
This social network was originally focused exclusively on attractive content.

The impact scheme for TA is very simple – a person sees a picture, catches it, and if he/she likes it, likes it and/or goes to its account.
The text is secondary.
Yes, unfortunately it’s so on. The text is important, of course. However, if the visual is rock bottom, nobody will read the text. This is the unwritten rule of Instagram.

Remember your actions, for example, on Facebook. And here is the opposite situation. Now Instagram is positioned as a social photo album with an e-commerce direction.

Значимость Instagram

2. How to style your Instagram

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out on Instagram every year.
Things that excited the Instagram feed 5 years ago almost no longer work.

Styles and presentation changed over the years, but only one thing remains unchanged – the quality of photo content should be at its best.
A high-quality Instagram style is not a simple thing.

There is a tendency that large (existing for a very long time, from the moment of Instagram launching) accounts, have already gained a reputation, it can afford almost everything. Even post stupid things. And everyone will perceive it is quite normal.
However, when your Instagram account is only registered and there is no loyal audience it is a different kettle of fish. Then you need to be very careful about creative.

Many believe that promoting Instagram can be very easy and simple. But this is far from as cloudless as it seems at first glance.
Building strong trust and flexible loyalty takes time, good content, and time again.

Как оформить Инстаграм

3. Instagram grid formats

There can be many Instagram feed designs, but today we’ll look at the most popular ones.

3.1 Instalanding

Confidence that users will see each post in the context of the entire conceptual picture of the Instagram grid is a huge mistake of all novice SMM managers

But, friends, believe me, people won’t look at the profile and browse with each new publication.. “What does their grid of posts look like now”. People are lazy. You have to remember this, whatever you do: develop visual content, wrote text for posts or created text for an advertising campaign.
This important comment refers to the installation format.

Instalanding is an Instagram grid layout format with an image, evenly or not, cut into several posts.


  • Looks impressive and in the same style, especially when landing is “stretched” to a large number of posts and your product is present in each post.

A good example of this format can always be the official account of @theofficialpandora and its old posts:


An ideal example when in each post there is a promoted product.

No matter how often you receive posts, you’ll see:

  • product/service – and this is the most important thing;
  • the concept of something, but what exactly, you can’t see until all the posts of this landing.

But, friends, keep in mind that in your feed you’ll see only one picture. Therefore, each post should be informative.


This is how one post will look in the feed.
Agree, aesthetically and clearly, what is sold in each individual post. 

What to avoid:

1) One large picture, cut into many other posts, on each of which your product or service is not completely present. And don’t forget that posts move from left to right:


Probably, the profile will look nice when all the posts would be uploaded.
But! Your target audience has no time to wait until you become beautiful. Need now. Because no one has canceled the fierce competition.

2) Non-readable text.

Stretch one text across several posts.
There is no way to read the whole text when the posts move along the grid, it remains only to guess its meaning.
This is an unacceptable option. People are lazy. They won’t guess. Moreover, if something like this appears in their feed:


Instalanding is a useful tool when it is informative.

3.2 Checkerboard

The most technically handy format for content:

  • does not strain eyes;
  • organic in any layout (when not all posts are released, as with instalanding);
  • posting is carried out by the technique of “one through one”.

The variety of the checkerboard format has no end, no edge – it all depends on your taste and imagination.


  • the grid never gets off and always looks pretty;
  • it’s easy to create posts and post them without much reference to the grid.


  • widely;
  • boring if used for a long time.

Here are some examples of different tricks for using this format:



3.3 Vertical lines

Vertical lines can also be a handy format. Indeed, different types of content can be divided into columns.
For example, one column is news posts, the second one is advertising, the third is entertainment.


  • the grid never gets off and always looks pretty;
  • it’s easy to create posts and post them without much reference to the grid.

It’s important not to confuse the columns, because in this case, the visual effect of the vertical lines will not work.


  • uniformity.


3.4 Row by Row

Similar to the previous method.
We will not waste your time, just see examples:


3.5 Borders

Also a good way to come through a number of similar accounts.
Borders can be of different styles and colors. You can use any geometric shapes – this also looks spectacular.
By the way, this type of design of Instagram accounts is not so widely spread in the CIS online space.


  • unique;
  • you can come up with a very unusual design if you have enough imagination.


  • to create a layout and/or each post, you need a designer, because you can’t do it manually from your phone.


3.6 Endless feed

This format finally fell in love with Instagram users in the CIS in 2018. It’s been a long time since global brands gone back off the endless feed. But, endless feed is infinitely popular in the CIS.

Endless feed – a mix of photo collages, graphics and text cut into posts, the constituent elements of which continue in the next posts, creating the endless effect, while the instalanding is just one photo cuts into many posts.

If you do not follow how instalanding differs from an endless feed, we will simply show you 2 screenshots, and you yourself will understand everything yourself:

Бесконечная лента


  • This format can be very interesting to implement if you have an experienced and creative designer;
  • You can also add any elements and make completely crazy posts, and thus accustom your audience more often to go in profile and see what happens there.


  • difficult to create content, there must be a designer;
  • you couldn’t create a layout and substitute pictures and text there.

Another truth – people have an inherent interest.
Make them visit your account with unusual, and possibly surprising, content.

Бесконечная лента

3.7 Rainbow

  • ideal if your product/service is periodic;

Or you want to focus on a specific information line (winter comes, Valentine’s Day or the release of a new collection).
The unified color scheme is an effective solution, but it is important not to go over with the number of colors because you can get the opposite effect of a “uniform color mess”. Therefore, carefully select a color palette.
It should be mentioned that: certain colors evoke certain emotions. This is also a tool that can give your Instagram account the appropriate tone.


  • if the colors and layouts are chosen well, the result for you is likes and high engagement.


  • often group the right colors and put it into the necessary concept of the post grid is not easy, but it’s possible.

Единая цветовая гамма

3.8 Angle and style of shooting

This is one of the most creative and at the same time complex options.
And its difficulty is to come up with something new in photography, where the angle and/or style of the photo will become the determining factor.
This can be the same angle of various objects, or shooting only in black and white format of a particular product or object. Or many other options.


  • definitely creativity and delicacy.


  • difficulty at the idea stage.

Ракурс и стиль съемки

3.9 Standard post layout for the entire grid

The easiest option for those who have a designer and you don’t want to be too creative, because, for one reason or another, creative is inorganic for your brand.


  • it’s handy to create a standard layout and then simply substitute the necessary texts or pictures without changing the unified Instagram grid structure. It turns out neatly and stylishly.


  • uniformity;
  • it is advisable to periodically change the entire layout or its color scheme.

If posting is not so often, for example, 1-2 times a week, or each time using unique, branded images (for example, hand-drawn graphic flat images), then there is no need to change the layout monthly.
If posts are published daily or even twice a day, then such a layout can quickly annoy your audience and you will get the opposite effect – TA would view your content in a grave light. 

Единый макет постов для всей сетки


Of course, after reading all our recommendations, you may wonder: “Why so much sweat about of Instagram account, even your business profile .. why so carefully choose and bother?”.

Everything is simple. In order to stand out from the crowd of accounts who decided that it is very simple and easy to do business on the Internet, and the crowd followers will come in droves to low-quality content. No. This won’t happen, friends. You’ll have to try. But believe me, it’s worth it.

Keep in mind, all these tricks can be mixed together, thanks for this your Instagram account would be only flourish.

I wish you all high outreach and engagement rates!

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