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A simple and effective solution that allows you to consider many factors in the process of managing display advertising.

Features of this type of campaign:

  • targeting is automated. Your ads will be seen by users who are highly likely making a conversion
  • no need to manage bids. Optimization is based on your target CPA bid. Bids at each auction are set depending on the likelihood of a conversion;
  • automatic creation of ads. Add several options for various ad resources, including headings, descriptions, logos, and images. A series of responsive ads are created based on uploaded inventory;
  • Smart Display doesn't lead a large number of new users since it works based on the analysis of the corresponding remarketing lists + targeting of users who are in the middle of the funnel.

Conversion tracking in Google Ads must be established to launch a Smart Display.

You can create a reasonable campaign in GDN if you have received at least 50 conversions in the media network or at least 100 in the search engine over the past 30 days.

If your account’s goals are ambiguous, for example, visiting a contacts page and placing an order, it’s worthwhile to turn off the display of data in the "Conversions" column for insignificant goals or to transfer value and use the "Target ROI" strategy.

Блог_умная кмс_1

Let's move on to creating a Smart Display.

1. Create a campaign

Click “+ Campaign” and select “Display” to create a campaign in the new interface.

Next, select one of the marketing goals:

  • sales;
  • potential clients;
  • traffic;
  • create a campaign without specifying a goal.

Блог_умная кмс

Next, select the subtype of the campaign “Smart Display”. 

2. Location and language

Choose “Location” and “Languages”:

Блог_умная кмс

3. Bidding strategy

Set a “Target CPA” strategy for those who track the same conversion but don’t transfer value. Next, we indicate the cost of conversion.

Блог_умная кмс_4

4. Campaign budget

Set your campaign budget. Recommended budget – 15-20 CPA.

Блог_умная кмс_5

Use feeds for dynamic ads. Ads will be compiled based on your products, but tracking its performance isn’t possible yet.

We upload feed through commercial data.

5. Targeting

Smart campaigns are automatically targeted, but you can influence where your ad will demonstrate.
You can add an excluded location at the account level to block ads from showing on certain sites. You can also use site category exclusions.

Блог_умная кмс_6

Next step is creating ads:

You can add up to 5 headings of 25 characters each up to 5 descriptions with 70 characters.
Download multiple horizontal images with a ratio of 1.91: 1.
Recommended sizes are 1200*628 (horizontal) and 1200*1200 (square).
Use images that blend well with your logo, add title and text, and landing page content.

Блог_умная кмс_7

Блог_умная кмс_8

Блог_умная кмс_9

The more creative options you add, the more possible variations you get.
That’s all, actually!

The campaign is set up: ads will start running automatically after verification.

Блог_умная кмс

You can see the effectiveness of ad elements if you go to the “Object information” tab of the “Ads and Extensions”:

Блог_умная кмс

The status “Best”, “Good” or “Low” is assigned to the website depending on the number of conversions received using it.

The status “Pending” means that the website has not yet been verified and not approved, and the status “Learning” means that data on it has not yet been collected.

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