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We can see data in various sections using segmentation in Ads statistics tables - by conversions, devices, positions. But with a sufficiently large amount of campaigns and ad groups, rows with individual segments make the table cumbersome and without the ability to filter it somehow, that is, it becomes quite difficult to analyze such a table.

In order not to lumber our interface with extra redundant rows, we can use our columns to look at the necessary parameters with specific segments.

Viewing data on specific conversions

Ads displays us general statistics on all conversions by default. You need to perform the following actions to see data on a specific conversion:

Step 1

Open the Campaigns or Ad groups tab, click – Columns -> Change columns.


Step 2

Select the metric “Your columns” in the opened menu – + column:


Step 3

Then, indicate the name of our new column and some description if it is necessary. Select metric – Conversions -> Conversions.


Step 4

Now, the selected metric needs to be segmented by specific conversion. Click on it and add – Conversions -> Conversion name -> Select the desired one.


Step 5

Click somewhere on the side of the field with segments and click the “Save” button to apply the changes. Check – our column is added to the table. Click the “Apply” button.


Step 6

We enjoy the desired data in our table. You can see the statistics in the form of a funnel if you add all the steps for placing an order.


Similarly, you can segment %, conversion cost and other important metrics.

Mobile traffic and conversions rate (%)

Recently, this is a very important metric, because the percent of mobile traffic is constantly growing and neglecting data from cell phones and tablets is simply unacceptable. You should pay attention to the mobile version of the website or app development if the percent of mobile traffic is large.

The algorithm for adding new columns is exactly the same as in the previous paragraph, only metrics are changing – I’ll write down the necessary segments into brackets:

Clicks (Device-> Mobile + Tablet) / Clicks

Conversions (Device-> Mobile + Tablet) / Conversions

Display the data in %.


Percentage of clicks on search results (%)

We look at what % of the traffic we collect from the first four positions, if there is no total skew (for example, 95%), then we can analyze more deeply – compare the cost and the number of conversions from above/from below and draw conclusions about which position is more favorable to us.

Clicks (Above or in other positions-> Google Search: above) / Clicks (Above or in other positions-> Google Search: above + other)


Profit (Currency)

If Adwords has conversions that convey the “Value” metric or is tied to Analytics with configured e-commerce and import of transactions, then we can calculate our estimated profit directly in Adwords, as well as quickly identify unprofitable advertising campaigns. For this, we also need to know the margin or the cost of the service/product.

Conversions (Value of all conversions) * Margin – Cost

Conversions (Value of all conversions) – Prime cost – Cost


ROI (%)

We look at the profitability of advertising campaigns in percentage terms. If ROI > 0, then our advertising campaign makes profit.

(Conversions (Value of all conversions) * Margin – Cost)/Cost

(Conversions (Value of all conversions) – Prime cost – Cost)/Cost


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