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The number of customers determines the success of business development. Therefore, companies striving for stable growth in sales and profits are constantly looking for new ways to attract them.

Dynamic forecasting is one of the abovementioned methods.

Dynamic prospecting provides that information about users and your products be used to display ads for the most popular products to those who are interested in it.

Dynamic ads are shown to potential customers who haven't visited your site.

This feature is useful for novice advertisers or those who need to reach a target audience that is not similar to the one for which you’ve collected data.

Machine learning technologies are used in dynamic prospecting. It allows you to understand what potential buyers are interested in. Used this data, the system uses the possible intentions of visitors and their demographic characteristics, such as gender, age and family income, to select the most suitable offer from your feed.

"Recommendation engine" takes into account user's behavior and history to show the most relevant products.

1. How to add dynamic prospecting

You need a feed to add dynamic prospecting. You can use the feed from the Merchant Center

Динамическое привлечение клиентов

or upload to commercial data.

Динамическое привлечение клиентов

2. Create a campaign in GDN

It is recommended to work with audiences as targeting. You can use:

  • custom intent audiences (specify keywords, URLs, applications or videos on YouTube to reach users who are actively looking for a specific product or service);
  • in-market audiences (high-quality audience, explores goods or services and is going to purchase it);
  • similar audiences (targeting similar audiences helps reach new users who are similar to your current customers);
  • other audiences.

In the campaign settings, click the “Additional settings”, and select a feed with products in the “Dynamic ads” menu.

Создание кампании в КМС

Next, create a responsive ads.

3. Create a responsive ad

Google automatically optimizes the design of dynamic ads. When the dynamic loading of goods from the feed does not provide sufficient relevance, the system automatically switches to the display of responsive ads with your creatives.

Создание адаптивного объявления

You can upload your own dynamic ad layouts. You can create it in Google Web Designer.


You can achieve an average ROI increase of 20% by combining dynamic ads and audience solutions.

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