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Website indexing - the process of checking and adding information about the site by search bots to its databases.

All site code is subject to processing. The faster and more often bots index pages, the faster your website will headway into Search, gain positions and credibility.

1. Factors affecting the indexing frequency by the search engines

Except for obvious issues with internal site optimization (errors in robots.txt, sitemap.xml files), that can make indexing difficult, also on crawling frequency by bots is affected:

1) Hosting Quality.

Depends on:

  • site availability for search engines and users.

The site must be accessible 24/7.
If the bots were unable to crawl it, then there is a chance that the pages will drop out of the index, and then the site itself.
Usually this happens due to problems with server connectivity, DDoS attacks, etc.

  • Page Download Speed.

It is important to consider server performance, load on it and the time it takes to respond. Indexing suffers if the load time of a web project exceeds 2 seconds.
The faster the site loads, the faster the bot crawls pages.

2) Website Updatability.

The more often the resource is updated, the more often the robot will crawl it.
Moreover, the updated pages are subject to indexing. Usually this is the main page of the website because it contains news announcements, new articles, blocks with popular and recommended products and categories.

2. How to independently check website indexing

At this point, we look at the total number of site pages added to the Search.

1) Google and Yandex Webmaster Panels.

This is the Google Search Console service on Google


Yandex Webmaster:


2) Operators in search queries.

Let’s run the website through search operators (site – for the site, info – for individual pages).


Блог индексация


Блог индексация

3) Online services:

  • etc.

4) Paid services developed by Netpeak: Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

3. Causes of site indexing issues

Common causes of indexing issues:

  • insufficiency of history (novelty of a website for search engines).

It gonna take some time for the bot to know about newly site. You just need to wait a bit until the bots come to it.

  • sanctioned site.

You must check the domain for sanctions when you purchase it.
You can check here –
If you have been using the site for a long time, then you will feel the sanctions in sagging traffic and positions.

  • inconsequent structure of the object.

A thoughtful simple structure is understandable not only to the bot but also to the buyer.
Do not make the nesting level more than 4 – because the more nesting, the less important this page is for the Search.

  • technical bugs.

This is a lack of duplicates, encoding problems, 404 pages, incorrectly made 301 redirects, errors in the robots.txt file.
Server response code must be correct.

  • inaccessibility for the bot.

The site is closed in the robots.txt file, or there is an excess of noindex tags.
Indexing of such a construction is prohibited In the meta-robots thesis.

  • poor site or individual page quality.

Non-unique content both inside the site and in relation to other sites.
Metadata and headers duplicates.

4. Tools to speed up website indexing

We combined all methods of accelerating website indexing into 2 groups:

1) Pings.

It informs search engines about the appearance of new pages or changes on the website.

Some ping services:


Use ping services in your work when adding new materials to the website.

2) External links (directories, ratings, social networks).

Bots love these data communication links. You could even say it lives on these sites. Chances of a quick hit in the index are growing if it contains links to your site.
Try to select the most significant.


  • directories (,,, etc.);
  • top Google from news pages for your thematic query;
  • aggregators/price comparison sites (,,, etc.);
  • catalog sites (ALL.BIZ,,, etc.);
  • themed communities in social networks with your target audience.


In any case, you should start with competent website optimization:

  • fix all technical errors;
  • build a site structure in the best way possible;
  • track the accuracy of the instructions in the robots.txt file;
  • systematically update sitemap.xml;
  • optimize site loading speed;
  • regularly update content;
  • increase number of clicks from external websites.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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