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Looking for tips and tricks for creating display ads for your PPC campaign?

Today we’ll talk about how to work on the design of banner advertising on the Internet.

Banner advertising

What does banner advertising consist of?

Баннерная реклама

A PPC campaign is unlikely to succeed if it lacks creativity.
And if you don’t feel the trends in online advertising, no one will see your wonderful and very fashionable ads. 

Display advertising is the perfect tool to increase brand awareness.
Users are accustomed to banner blindness – their subconscious mind instantly filters and rejects ads. As a result, all efforts to create an informative and attractive banner lose their meaning – the display campaign doesn’t reach the goal and the budget merges.
That’s why it’s important to know how to design a professional-level ad – one that focuses on the target user.

Banner functions:

  • grab users’ attention;
  • getting users to notice ads;
  • and click on the image.

All this in common increases the PPC campaign’s effectiveness.

First of all, you need to know the goal that you need to achieve after launching campaigns on the Internet before you start creating a banner: 

  • increase brand awareness;
  • establish interaction with the target market;
  • attract new customers;
  • inform about new products or services in the company assortment.

Or do you have a different plan for context advertising?

Below are 5 recommendations that we recommend you to follow when creating display ads for your PPC campaign.

1. Negative or white space

The term is used to mean any color around an element or a specific function on an ad element.
You can use not only white color but also any other.
The problem is that in a small area allocated for an ad template, some designers try to place all the information related to the campaign when it comes to developing display advertising for a PPC campaign.
This simple measure makes ad crowded and unreadable.

How to fix the problem?

We focus on the information that interests the user directly and in keeping with the advertiser’s goal.
The best way to do this is to make design easier and use white space around to increase the banner attractiveness.
Thus, the user’s attention is focused on the product we are selling.

Негативное или белое пространство

In the example, we focused on a specific product that we promote:

  • on its name;
  • on the image.

2. Color scheme

First of all, focus on the color and color schemes that you intend to work with when creating a design for a banner.
We are considering the use of the corporate colors of the company if the advertisement is intended for a specific campaign.

But don’t forget that color affects emotions and forces users to perform certain actions.
Therefore, you need to identify those colors, positively affect the target audience and evoke their desired emotions.

Цветовая схема

You need to foresee color of the websites for posting ads in advance to avoid banner blindness. Then, when choosing the color schemes used on the selected site, you can guarantee that the ads will be clear and visitors will immediately identify it. This leaves users less likely to ignore and not notice your ads.

Banner Color scheme

Above, we have created 3 different banners for advertising our services.

As a result, preference was given to the first one, as a study of the websites showed that black color best suits the design of the site.

3. Image

What is the main difference between display advertising?
Add images to text.

Photos greatly affect the perception of advertising by the user. This fact needs to be considered and thought about the type of photo when creating the layout.
Sometimes brand logos provide comprehensive information about what the company offers.

Therefore, the use of such a logo in campaigns to increase brand awareness doesn’ require the use of additional images in the display ad template.
However, customers still insist on adding pictures to the display ad when launching the vast majority of PPC campaigns. Thus, you need to choose those photos that will cause the most favorable emotions in your target audience.

Banner Image

The images should look professional and correspond to the relevant display ads. Where possible, think about how to combine colors with images in such a way as to completely capture the attention of users.

You also need to be very careful using funny or shocking photos – such content is only suitable for specific companies.

Always think about your target audience.

For example, you advertise jewelry.
Generally, your target audience is women.
Having portrayed a stylish girl in jewelry that makes purchases, you reveal the idea of the brand. And the image of gems in the background will confirm the value of the jewelry.

Images should in no way contradict written.

4. Banner text

It’s very easy to use a creative approach in layout design and forget about all the remaining information when developing a display ad for a PPC campaign.
But only one visual won’t work as effectively as an information-driven visual.

What the text component should be:

  • short (ideally less than 10 words);
  • succinct (concise description of benefits);
  • meet the interests and needs of target audience.

It is clear that the information displayed on the banners depends on the goal of the advertising campaign.

Текст банера

For example, we add a brand logo and clearly defined advertising messages to the ads if a PPC campaign is aimed at increasing brand awareness.
On the other hand, if the campaign is aimed at ensuring that people buy a certain product, then we add specific data regarding the retail sale of this product to banners. As well as benefits associated with the offer – free shipping or sale, for example.

5. Calls to Action

The content should be clear when you create a banner:

  • clear message;
  • text-reinforcing images;
  • СTA button with a call to action, which logically follows from other information on the banner.

The advertising links shouldn’t disorient your niche users and visitors if you target the advertisement content by the audience. The text message and photo on the ad must match each other and the goals of the advertising campaign.
The easiest and most effective way to do this is to make a visual emphasis on the CTA buttons (call to action). So we let the users know what impact we expect.
The best way to find effective calls to action is to think about the initial goals of the campaign. And then formulate a short, clear and understandable CTA.

Calls to Action

For example, our goal is to improve the interaction with the market. Then it makes sense to consider using large and immediately noticeable buttons.

Calls to Action

CTA will not be needed if the PPC campaign is aimed at increasing brand awareness.
In this case, the emphasis is on brand communication and the company logo.
In any case, we primarily focus on the goals of the campaign in creating СTA buttons. This will make it easier to answer these calls, and this will make display ads more effective.

And a bonus from us – test your campaigns!

In the advertising world, it is advisable to prepare various layouts of display ads in advance before launching the final version.

Thus, before launching, we not only test each option but also understand which of the banners and elements on it worked better.

According to a study by Andrew Hunter Whiteside (Head of Sales, Jampp), minor changes in images and color schemes can significantly affect the CTR of display ads. 

How to Drive ROI with Retargeting Creatives

Image from article “The DCO Differentiator – How to Drive ROI with Retargeting Creatives”

That is, take enough time to design banners. Test every option.


So, we have analyzed and shown with examples 5 options for developing display ads for the PPC campaign.

Following it and you can create successful and truly effective banners.
The main point is the goals of the PPC campaign. We build on it before the launch of the advertising campaign.

When we know the goal exactly, we can proceed to the layout development:

  • focus on the product we sell;
  • sorting through the color of the websites to place ads to avoid banner blindness;
  • reinforce the text message of advertising with the banner image;
  • information on the banner should correspond to the goal of the advertising campaign;
  • call to action should focus on the initial goals of the campaign.

We wish you effective banner ads and high conversion rate!

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