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Link building - a way of search engine promotion brings buildup of the link mass of the website to optimize and promote a web project.

Backlinks - one of the important ranking factors by search engines. Link strategy always starts with a detailed analysis of your website and competitors.

1. Competitive environment analysis

Analyzing competitors, we find out not only the number of their backlinks, but also their most effective websites with backlinks.

During the audit of competitors backlinks profile, first of all we take into account:

  • total number of backlinks;
  • regions of purchased domains;
  • procurement dynamics;
  • donor quality.

Ahrefs provides this information.

High-quality backlinks give targeted traffic, conversions, getting into the TOP.
Poor-quality – sanctions and blowing a budget. And also a waste of time. That’s not what you are optimizing your link strategy for.

What parameters are included in the concept of “quality link“:

1) Regional affiliation of the website.

Visits from local websites will provide more weight if your business is local. Because the content in this case is relevant, and search engines appreciate it.

2) Industry-specific of the web project.

The more websites of a similar theme of yours refer to you, the more authoritative your website becomes in a given topic.
But the website relevance is as important as the credibility of the website or page.
Always check for which key queries a potential donor is in the TOP.
The better the site’s visibility in search engines, the more influence your backlinks will receive.
And if the keys of your and third-party websites intersect, you will get even more credibility.

Paid services for checking search results:


4) Page credibility.

The effect of placing backlinks on an authoritative page is higher. Credibility is checked by tools from the previous paragraph.

5) Domain credibility.

Domain credibility is an indicator developed in MOZ.
The credibility of less than 20 is a poor quality website. From 20 and above – an authoritative domain.

6) Traffic.

If the amount of traffic is large, this indicates the quality of the website and good indexing.
In this case, the bot is more likely to index the article with your backlink.
An approximate picture of visits can be obtained at

7) Backlink location on page.

A backlink on your website should be placed in the first paragraphs of the article.

Backlink features:

7) Anchor and non-anchor.

Remember the ratio of anchor/non-anchor = 20/80. Where 80% of anchors should be diverse.

Ссылочная стратегия

Example of anchor diversity

Anchor = hyperlinks. This clickable text brings you to another page. In other words, a key request.
Non-anchor link is the website address, company name, words “here” or “there”.

8) Surrounding text.

These are the words that are next to the text.
That is, the high-frequency query that you want to promote should be within 300 characters of the non-anchor link.

9) Nofollow and dofollow links.

Nofollow-links tagged rel = “nofollow”.
The tag tells search bots that you don’t have to click on this link. Usually this is done so that the weight from the website doesn’t go to third-party websites.
Dofollow- links work the other way around.
It’s better to use both options in your backlink strategy, so it’s more organic.

According to a survey by, the most effective backlinks in 2017 were:

  • links from articles (guest, media, thematic sites);
  • crowd marketing (comments with references and backlinks);
  • outreach (links obtained by finding sites for thematic queries, and then negotiations with the owners).

The dominance of natural links continued in 2018. We believe that this forecast is also relevant for 2019.
But even today, the most underrated method is content marketing.
If the material interests the audience, catches it, then the articles will bring both a repost on social networks and user clicks from different websites. All this increases the naturalness of linking with the so-called search engines.

2. Create a strategy

We select the list of priority pages for promotion and fill it with useful content.
Backlink strategy also depends on the age and type of website (info-resource, e-commerce).
Crowd marketing and backlinks without anchors are suitable for new websites (0-3 months).
Visits from thematic portals, catalogs, directories and partner sites work well too.

Ссылочная стратегия

Example of building a reference profile for a new website

Projects with a history: often such sites already have a link history, so here we analyze the ratio of anchor/non-anchor. We look at the number of backlinks from the TOP-10 competitors.

Next, we compile a table with current links with the ratio of anchor/non-anchor.
Depending on the number of links from competitors, we form the distribution of the volume of purchased links on a monthly basis, keep in mind ratio of 20%/80%.

Ссылочная стратегия

Example of working with the link profile of a website with a history

Try not to provoke a backlink explosion when purchasing backlinks.

Backlinks explosion – a sharp increase in the link profile of the website in a short period of time.

You shouldn’t buy more than 200 links per month once. This process threatens to get a web project under the filters. Moreover, sanctions also will not go around the donor website.
Better regularly, smoothly and variably, than instantaneous, quickly and equally.

Why is the manual linkbuilding method preferable?

Because this way of link building won’t lead to sanctions:

  • backlinks received from trust sites with constant traffic;
  • business mentions are natural and contextual;
  • promotion strategy is selected on the basis of successful actions of the closest competitors.


Properly selected link strategy brings great results.

Link building strategy steps:

  • analysis of the competitors’ backlinks (number, geo, dynamics);
  • analysis of your existing backlinks;
  • link building table (monthly);
  • search for various types of external links (crowd, eternal, outreach);
  • smooth and systematic purchase of backlinks.

Attempts to level up your website should already be at the stage of creation: the website history starts from the moment of the domain registration. The better the web project is optimized, the higher will be the outturn on promotion.
You could have a small number of texts, but it will satisfy the visitors in full.
And, manual development of a link profile is better, of course.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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