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Video content - extremely effective way to attract customers.

Clear and effective. And the most expensive.

Display of video content

The largest world’s e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Asos use video marketing.
Product card is the most common Internet channel containing a video.

Product card – page with product information, contains a detailed description of the product + photo + set of functional elements (CTA buttons “Buy”, “Add to Favorites”).

Similar products or products that consumers buy with this product can also display on the page.

Online store owners try to place demos in the card in addition to photos. Either an independently editing video, or a release from the manufacturer. After all, video attracts to the buying process more effectively than a photo. And it increases the value of the product in the eyes of the consumer (the seller provided the maximum information – so to speak, a “live” presentation, so thought about customers, their convenience). 


(example with Zappos and Asos)

Live watching can also be implemented as a 3D model, as the British retail group Sportsdirect did.

An all-round overview of the product allows you to examine the product in detail. Moreover, this version of the image is less expensive than video.

Видеоконтент Sportsdirect

According to a study by Demoup, the conversion rate for visitors watching videos is 87% higher than for users who ignore the video.

  • 96% of Internet users take into account a demo when making a purchase;
  • ROI in the e-commerce sector reaches 25% if there is video support in the product description;
  • 58% of visitors find online stores with a video report in the product card more reliable;
  • on average cost of an order in an online store with video content increases by 50%;
  • 60% of users will prefer a link with a video from two informationally equivalent variants of user queries in the search results;
  • user who reviewed the video remains on the site 2 minutes longer.

Credible statistics, right?

Benefits of having product video from a user’s point of view:

  • visibility (you can immediately see how any clothes or shoes on your leg will fit you);
  • reduction of a cooling-off period and acceleration of purchase (quick income for offline representation, if any);
  • a clear understanding of the object of desire and formed baggage of expectations.

If we are talking about online stores of wardrobe items, visualization of how a product fits a person helps in the making a purchasing decision.
The same applies to technology or any other goods – delusion of possessing is created, because the object is revised in the process of movement, that is, almost live.


(Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Overview)

Nowadays online stores leave the opportunity for customers to add their photos and video unpackage, thus forming UGC (user-generated content).
Visitors provide more trust to user content. Because this is the opinion of ordinary people who have bought and have already operated the product, they understood the advantages and disadvantages of usage.

Content created by users has great virality – people often share their shots with friends and other users using social networks.

Typically, buyers take surveys on the phone, getting a real live picture, without special filters. And this not only increases confidence in the product but also adds advantages to the seller since the video is placed on the retailer’s website.

Video reviews on equipment and gadgets are more popular in Ukraine for now. Ukrainian e-commerce Rozetka has achieved the greatest success.


(Example of UGC on

A reward system should be introduced for a product review (text review – 10 points, photo – 20 points, and video – 50, where 1 point = 1 uah).
And has an opportunity to spend the accumulated bonuses during the next purchases. It will also tie visitors to the store.
Video content in the product’s card gives an additional bonus during ranking – search engines prefer video content, and the websites containing it are higher in the search results.
Pages with video reviews get more traffic. At the same time, if the visitor stays on the site to watch the video, it improves its UX, and the bounce rate of this page decreases. So, it helps SEO site promotion.

How to optimize videos for search engines so that it indexing the content?

  • determine the presence of video in the Open graph protocol (it will allow you to nicely and correctly place the video preview on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest;
  • place footage in (for correct indexing in Google, Yandex, etc.);
  • use keywords in the text or description of the video (“brand + model + video”, “model + video”);
  • optimize for mobile SERP (correct name, use of hashtags, interesting conversion freeze-frame);
  • video placement – top of the page so that when you open the video, it’s immediately getting into the view.

So, a visitor who watched a video presentation of a product is more likely to become a client.

The video must be available for ranking by search bots in order for a person to watch a video review. Therefore, you should definitely optimize video content for better indexing.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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