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Below I share with you some filters for Google Analytics, which I often use in my work and which are often asked by users in the Google Ads community.

But first, some important points you need to know to work with filters:

  1. always leave one view without filters, since the filtered data cannot be returned;
  2. filters work in a certain sequence: the filter with order 1 is executed first, etc.;
  3. be careful, the filter is an account level object. If you make adjustments to the filter at the view level, it would change at the account level. This means that the adjustment applies to all other views in the account using this filter.
  4. accordingly, you must have access to Google Analytics at the account level in order to create or edit filters.

1. How to add filters to Google Analytics

1. Create a copy of the main view to add the first filter:


2. Click the button “Copy view”:


3. We select a clear name and save:


4. Next, at the view level, go to the “Filters” tab and click the “Add Filter” button:


5. Here we already select the desired type of filter and the criteria by which it will work:


2. Traffic by a specific category

The first filter is the traffic for a certain category of the website.

A trivial example of when this filter can come in handy is a separate display of blog statistics when it is located in the subpages.


3. Subdomains disclosure in content reports

At first, Google Analytics in the reports on pages shows data without a domain in this form:


If your statistics are collected from the main document and subdomains together, then the data in the reports will be incorrect, therefore for and analytics this is one page “/”.

Example of Page correct report:


You need to configure such an advanced filter to teach it how to display subdomains:


4. / referral в yandex / organic

This filter will be useful for SEO-specialists, as part of the traffic from the Yandex organic Google Analytics records in Therefore, we see such a picture in the reports:


In order not to reduce statistics manually, you need to configure 2 filters (remind you that it is very important to follow the sequence):

Filter 1 – change to


Filter 2 – change to yandex/organic:


Please note that we select in the A/B fields and in the conclusion at each step.

In regular expression – ^ yandex \. (Ru | ua) $ – it is necessary to register all the necessary domain zones, for example, ^ yandex \. (Ru | ua | kz | fr) $ etc.

Read more about regular expressions here (***).

Also, using a similar filter, it was possible to remove differences in the reports “Google Ads – Campaigns” and “Campaigns – All campaigns” in traffic sources through the use of non-standard UTM tags. This issue was resolved in the Google Ads community here (***).

5. Combine statistics on subdomains in traffic sources

We use a filter to combine statistics for all subdomains:

6. Add slash to query URL

If identical pages appear in the content reports, which differ by the presence or absence of a slash at the end, then you can fix this using the filter, add a slash to all pages in the reports and summarize statistics together:

Field A -> Use A: ^ (/ [a-zA-Z0-9 / _ \ -] * [^ /]) $

Total in -> Constructor: $ A1 /

Filters for Google Analytics

Crucial point – if you have several filters added to the view, then this filter must have the most recent order.

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