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In continuation of the previous topic about link strategies, today we’ll talk about backlinks explosion - what is it, its elements and how to dealing with the consequences.

“If I purchase 500 links and place it in 3 days, will search engines consider this a backlink explosion?”, “I want to bury a competitor and provoke a backlink explosion, how to do this?”, “What sanctions await for a backlink explosion?” - such questions more than enough.

1. The definition and causes of backlinks explosion

Backlinks explosion (boom) – a sharp increase in the link profile of the website in a short period of time.

Explosion reasons:

  1. improper promotion strategy chosen by the optimizer;
  2. client’s desire to get into the top search engines as soon as possible;
  3. incorrect behavior of competitors – when they specifically flood your site with poor-quality backlinks.

In fact, p. 2 is the reason for the occurrence of p. 1.
The SEO specialist should explain to the client the utopianism and inefficiency of instant getting the TOP.
The reason for p. 3 is high competition in the industry or a long stay of the site at the same position in the TOP-10. Here, it is understandable that the site owner’s desire to rise in the issuance or apply search engine filters to the competitor.

In this case, you can both provoke an explosion with the use of sanctions, and vice versa, raise another project in the search.
Do not be afraid of such attacks by competitors, search engines are able to identify such actions and do not apply a filter.
In addition, in an interview dated February 5, 2019, experts from Google say that their algorithm can ignore link garbage.

2. Types of backlinks explosions

  • natural;
  • unnatural (artificial).

Sometimes a sharp splash in backlinks is really natural.
These are very rare cases like new information in the field or a sudden trend for a product or service. In this case, the concept of a natural explosion is used.

Ссылочный взрыв

Example of a natural explosion from the Internet

How does it arise?

Let’s say, there is new useful information that appears online (for example, launching or updating search engine algorithms).
You translated the publication from an English, add infographics and expert opinions. Published on the site.
We reinforced the article with PR on blogs, on opinion leaders’ channels, on industry resources, on social networks. We also backed up the text with several external links.
The site gets traffic. And since the content is relevant and useful, it caused a viral effect – users began actively sharing and reposting the article.

Search bots are considered such links as natural. They contribute to website growth.
So the web project acquired hundreds of backlinks in a few days. And it happened in a natural way.

Elements of artificial explosion:

  • backlinks of the same kind;
  • anchors in the links;
  • fast website getting to the top.

Ссылочный взрыв

Example of an unnatural explosion from the Internet

An artificial explosion is due to the SEO expert zeal to quickly bring a client’s project to the TOP. Or at the request of the client.
In such cases, there is a large number of external links on exchanges that are purchased.
This method of promotion is unacceptable for a project with a focus on long-term existence.

So, the sudden appearance of a huge number of anchors will help the site to get to the top. However, the site will get out of there in the next crawl, because Yandex and Google tightly control the gray ways of promotion.
Typically, an artificial explosion is used to promote satellite sites and doorways sites created to catch traffic specifically for search engine queries. The purpose of these sites is to redirect visitors to websites which task is to sell.

The main goal of such actions is to get the project into the TOP as quickly as possible.
Short-term effectiveness of the method is not taken into account.

3. The consequence of an explosion

The quick purchase and placement of backlinks negatively affect both client web projects and donor websites.
There is a high probability that the site will get under filters and sanctions.
The web project moves to the search basement instead of high positions in SERP. This happens if the bot detects obvious violations on the website.

How to avoid a backlinks explosion?

Prevention measures:

  • avoid one-time runs;
  • gradual purchase and placement of backlinks;
  • reject dubious link exchange offers;
  • carefully select sites for posting external links taking into account its authority, weight, trust, spam.

There is recommended a gradual, natural, and varied portfolio of backlinks.
This is better than getting under “Minusinsk” and “Penguin” right away. And this is likely to happen if you use the technology of backlinks explosion.


The backlink explosion really allows you to quickly increase the position of the site and the influx of visitors to the website.
The effect could be different depending on the cause of its occurrence. The result will be favorable in the long run. In the short-term – instant and short-lived.
Promote web projects with white methods. Safe promotion – promotion by natural links.
Focus on developing a user-friendly web resource.
Build credibility and earn reputation.

*ITForce specialists do not use gray SEO methods and do not provoke a backlink explosion. We promote the site in a natural way. 

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments.

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