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I'm giving you the second ads converter. The first one was dedicated to the rapid transition from standard to expanded ads, you can find it here.

This converter is designed to help test the "Call-Only" ad campaigns with minimal effort. The point is that we take Headings 1,2 from the expanded ads and use it as Description lines 1,2 for call-only, because max title length is 30 characters and description line is 35 characters. In the ideal case, it would be rewritten specifically for mobile after the test, if the AC shows satisfactory results. The converter is available here. To use it, click in the doc "File -> Create Copy". Instructions with screenshots are given below.

What are the differences between call-only ads and common ads?

With the call-only type ads, the user doesn't get to our site but immediately dials our phone number. Payment is per click on the ad, it doesn’t matter the customer got through or not.

This will be useful for..

.."hot" topics, for example, calling a tow truck, repairing household appliances, food delivery, etc.

What do these ads look like?


Converter Call-Only


Step 1

We fill in the data on the left in the table (column B) that will be used for import – Company name, phone number, Country, Site domain (used to confirm the number and display URL).

Converter Data

Step 2

We upload our account through the Adwords Editor and select the Campaigns in which we want to remake “Expanded ads” to “Call-Only”.

Step 3

3.1. Open the Ads tab -> Expanded ads and copy all of it

Converter Expanded ads

3.2. Paste all of it into the “Source – Ads” sheet right into cell A1.

Converter Campaign

Step 4

4.1 We return to the Editor. Open the Keywords and targeting tab -> Keywords and copy everything.

Converter Keywords

4.2 We paste all of this into the “Source – Keywords” sheet right into cell A1.

Converter Source - Keywords

Step 5

We switch to the “Final – Ads” sheet. Copy all of it.

Converter Final - Ads

Step 6

We return to the Adwords Editor, open the Account -> Import -> Insert text and paste our table here.

Converter Import

Step 7

Click “Process” -> Uncheck the box “Automatically accept all imported changes” -> Click the button “Finish and view the changes.” (If we get duplicates after generating the ads – the same ads with different labels, then the warning “The same item is specified several times with conflicting settings. We will only use the option specified first” – ignore it and move on).

Converter Errors and warnings

Step 8

We check the added ads, if everything is ok, then click the button “Save” at the top.

Converter Save

Step 9

We switch to the “Final – Keywords” sheet. Copy everything. Then follow steps 6-8 in the same way and click on the “Publish” button in the Adwords Editor.

Step 10

Since it’s impossible to immediately specify the subtype of the campaign “Call-Only” through Editor, then open the settings of our AC through the interface and change the type “All functions” -> “Call-Only”.

Converter ads Call-Only

Step 11

Do not forget to add negative keywords and extensions lists to the new AC.
Hope this ad converter will be useful to you.

If there are any errors or improving proposals – write to Telegram.

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