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The Google Ads Shopping Campaign Policy can be described as follows: buyer "found, bought, received" and all of this without leaving their home and without unnecessary contacts with sellers. Therefore, the requirements for information on the website are quite strict.

1. Shipping

There is no information on your website about the possibility of targeted delivery (door-to-door shipping).

Even if you have registered options with self-pickup, Ukrposhta and other transport companies, it is needed that you allow the buyer to enter their home address and receive the package right to the doorstep.


2. Payment and refund

There should be a possibility to pay online. Ideally, through payment services.
If the seller does not have such an opportunity, then when a client chooses method other than in cash, payment details must be indicated. Card number, bank account, etc.


We note that with payment systems there may also be incidents.
We faced a problem when making a purchase, the transition to the service website took more than 3-4 seconds, the moderators regarded it as an inability to pay online, and thus the account was sent to the block.
We solve the situation by indicating on the website the details for payment, as in the screenshot above.

Be sure to add information on the return policy: conditions, terms.
Moreover, support recommends putting this information in a separate page of the website.


An online store should contain information on how to return goods and get the money back.
Make sure the terms are written in clear language and easy to find. If your goods are not refundable, you should also write about this in an open and accessible form.

You must provide details on the mechanism for returning by specifying:

  • what the user needs to do;
  • return policy;
  • how long requests for return are accepted;
  • when funds will be returned to the buyer.

3. Manager will contact you

You will be immediately sent to the “ban” for this phrase 
Moderators insist that the buyer should be able to complete the purchase “in one session” without additional gestures. For example, calls from the manager to clarify the details of the purchase or shipping.


One of the last curious reasons for the blocking was the point in the Payment Methods section.

Information on the website.

Online store ***.ua uses 2 types of payment:

  • Cash upon receipt – the goods are paid in national currency at the current rate, and then receive a receipt. You can pay immediately at the store, to the courier immediately after shipping or at the Novaya Pochta branch.
  • Cashless payment – goods are paid in national currency to the bank account of the company.

It turns out that in this proposal it was necessary to indicate the name of the company.

In conclusion

Finally, the basic requirements for sites from Google Ads Help:

  • Contact details accuracy.

Reliable contact information must be indicated on the website, incl. phone number and/or email address.

  • Ordering safety.

You have to use a secure SSL server with a valid certificate (https: //) to collect and process confidential user information (for example, bank details or credit card numbers).

  • Return policy.

The website should contain clear and accurate information about the return policy.

  • Terms of payment.

Information on payment methods and terms should be clear and accessible.

  • Possibility to place an order.

Check the entire checkout process.

Before sending the feed for verification, we check the website for compliance with the 3rd main commandments of the Merchant Center: “Found, bought, received” and keeping our fingers crossed.

Wish you success in your moderation!

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