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Today, remarketing is one of the most effective online advertising methods for any business.

Additionally, it accompanies the main goal of promotion - sales.

Having the opportunity to gather interested people’s audience, we can hit the most relevant offers to our customers “Right place! Right time!”.

Dynamic remarketing is an even more advanced tool in terms of online advertising performance.

It allows you to save time on creating advertisements - the advertiser doesn't have to create many ads manually. Also, each ad can be personalized as much as possible for each user, so it will contain exactly the information, image and cost of the goods that the visitor was interested in earlier.

And while dynamic remarketing on the Google Display Network is already commonplace for many online stores, there aren’t many advertisers using dynamic ads on social networks to achieve their business goals.

So, how to set up dynamic remarketing on Facebook and Instagram in 3 simple steps.

NB: before setting up, make sure that you have a Business Manager account with Facebook administrative access.

Step 1. Creating a products catalogue

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

To do this, in the “All Tools” panel, go to the “References” section.
You will be asked to select the type of product category:

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

Choose your Business Manager, give the name of the catalog, and also determine how to load the products catalogue.
There are 2 options for adding products to the catalogue: the first one is to upload it using a pre-prepared data table for all products.
The second one (simplified) option is if you use outsourced tools integrated with the Facebook platform.

Take a look on the 1st case:

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

Go to the newly created catalogue and select the “Products” tab. Click on the button “Add Products”:


There are several options to add product data:

  • manually add each product, then upload the picture and indicate the cost (this method is handy when you have a small number of products on the website, less than 50)
  • one-time upload using a data feed – add products using a pre-prepared table file (valid file extensions are CSV, TSV, RSS or ATOM XML);
  • scheduled upload – this option is more suitable when the data about your products is frequently updated. In this case, you must have the feed file posted on the website. You have just enter the URL where your feed is located to upload. The data feed is generated by the programmer.
  • using the Pixel installed on the Facebook site and correctly installed microdata tags about each product that you want to see in your catalog. This upload option can only be used for e-commerce. 

For more information on adding microdata, see the Facebook Business Help for advertisers –

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

We will dwell on the second upload type using a table file. Help link with ready-made templates for valid extensions:

Your table should contain the following information:

Column Description Example
id Unique ID for a product or service. If the same ID is repeated several times, such entries will be ignored. Max. characters – 100. 12345 2222 1
availability Availability of products in your store. Supported values: in stock, available for order, preorder, out of stock or discontinued (no longer for sale) in stock in stock
condition The current state of the product in the store. Supported values: new, refurbished, used, new new
description Short description. Max. characters – 5 000. Opti-Free Pro Drops restore the natural eye hydration, resolve the symptoms of dryness and irritation.
image_link Image URL used in advertising. For square (with a ratio of 1:1) images in an advertisement in a ring gallery, the image size should be 600*300 pixels. For advertising with a different image, the image size must be at least 1200*630 pixels. https://domen/opti-free-pro-uvlazhnyayushie-kapli-dlya-glaz.jpg
link Product URL https://domen/sredstva-po-ukhodu/opti-free-pro-uvlazhnyayushie-kapli-dlya-glaz.html
title Product name. Max. characters – 500. Opti-Free Pro – moisturizing eye drops
price Product price with currency. Price – the number followed by the currency code (according to ISO 4217) 315.00 UAH
Product GTIN code (Global Trade Item Number) part mpn-number assigned by the manufacturer corresponds to the product. Brand – product brand name 1234567891011 1110000011 ITForce

If you have a feed for Google Merchant Center, you can use it as a feed in Facebook Catalogue.

Previously, your feed will look like this and then you can upload it:

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

Step 2. Event profiles set up

The standard Pixel code on the website will not be enough. Pixel code needs to be converted by adding events: AddToCart, Purchase, and ViewContent.

fbq ( ‘track’, ‘ViewContent’) – event that should be triggered when viewing the product itself;

fbq ( ‘track’, ‘AddToCart’) – event that should be triggered when adding products to the shopping cart;

fbq ( ‘track’, ‘Purchase’) – event is triggered when an application for the product is formalized.

Herewith, each event has a minimum data on the product where the code is. This can be implemented with the help of a programmer.

Please note that the id attribute must be stored both in the code and in the catalogue – otherwise dynamic remarketing won’t work correctly.

Example Pixel code and the ViewContent event added to it on the page of this product.

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

You can check the events using the Facebook Helper plugin

If the code is set correctly, a green checkmark and attributes that are transmitted: id, price, currency will be displayed opposite the event. If you have issues, you’ll see a message.

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

Learn more about custom events for dynamic remarketing:

Step 3. Dynamic ads set up

When setting up, we select the goal “Sale of products from the catalogue”, prescribe the name of the campaign and select the catalogue we just created (it shouldn’t be empty, otherwise the campaign will not be created).

Создание Каталога товаров в Facebook

At the group level, select the audience that best suits the purpose of your advertising in the settings. In our case, these are users who viewed the product but didn’t add it to the shopping cart. Audience expires 30 days.

Настройка Динамических объявлений

Further, the settings are the same as for static advertising on Facebook – we set the necessary placement, budget, maximum bid, etc.

In settings, you can choose in which format to display products – one product and one image, or a carousel.
Сreative depends on the idea, on how you wish to work with potential customers. There are many options, for example, you can contact the users who put the product into the shopping cart and left the website with the following wording: “You were interested in the product “Name”. Your shopping cart is still waiting for you. We remind you that by the “N” day you can purchase your product for the best price “price”.

You can compose ad text using dynamic attributes and substituting it both in the title and in the description.

Audience DynRem

You can also include the product price to the title.

Настройка Динамических объявлений

Choose the button with the appropriate call to action and set the tracking template for your advertising campaign:

utm_source = facebook & utm_medium = cpc & utm_campaign = {{}} & utm_content = {{}}

Настройка Динамических объявлений

That’s all you need to implement in order to run a simple dynamic remarketing option on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook improves its advertising tools every day and adds various “frills”, so you can add your own elements and add-ons – frames, discounts, etc.

Have any remarks relating to this article? Share your opinions in the comments!

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