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In this article, we’ll look at the basic rules for search ads to help make your ads productive.

Rule 1. Take up space

Frequently ad extensions are ignored through ignorance or in order to save time. Figure 1.1 shows the consequences of abandoning extensions.

Ads Search Extensions

Screenshot 1 – Ad Extensions

An ad with extensions takes up more space, accordingly displays more information about your services and has a high-quality score. Thus, you get a better position than competitors do.

Rule 2. Hold top positions

For the successful achievement of the given goals hold keywords at 1-4 positions, otherwise, no one will notice your efforts.

Important. Your ad will look more expanded at 1 position when you configure the extensions “sitelinks” and/or “prices”. An example is on the screenshot 2.


Screenshot 2 – Search ad with the extension “Prices” at the 1 position

Rule 3. No cliches!

Unique content is an important part of an effective ad.

There are template phrases that appeared in search and contextual advertising over the 15 years of its existence. Advertisers use it nowadays in full confidence that their ads are original and reflect the benefits of their products, but in fact, users simply do not respond to such a creative.

Typical Hackneyed Phrases in Search Ads:

  • Low / Fair prices;
  • Individual / Creative approach;
  • Wide range / Great choice;
  • Fast delivery;
  • High quality.

All these phrases can be concretized and attract potential buyers.

Hackneyed Phrases Unique phrase
Low price Prices from 800 UAH
Individual approach Customized Wallpaper
Wide range 200+ product categories
Fast delivery Next Day Delivery
High quality 10 year warranty

Table 1 – Hackneyed Phrase Processing

Rule 4. Split up the wording for search and responsive ads

Frequently advertisers require creative slogans in search ads. These requirements can be used exclusively in responsive ads, since search engines are designed for hot visitors who are purposefully looking for the right product/service. The behavioral factor of such an audience is somewhat different. Such users need nothing creative, they need to get information that will indicate why your products/services are better than the rest ones.

For example, you need to transport furniture and you see such an ad as:

1) «Apartment Relocation Services – Fast and Cheap

Quickly solve your everyday problems. Workers with skills!»;

2) «Apartment Relocation Services — 120 UAH/hour. Call

Make available from 15 minutes. Bonuses 5% of the price. Kharkiv and the region!»
In this case, the second ad will receive more clicks, since it specifically indicates the answers to all the questions that interest the user.
Responsive ads attract your attention with creative, so you can put your entire blue-sky thinking into a banner. In this case, it will be justified.

Rule 5. Do not forget about calls to action

Calls to action are an important part of an ad, because with it you direct your user to further actions.

Popular calls:

  • Call now;
  • Download price list;
  • Order a call;
  • Order free consultation;
  • Hurry up and order.

Rule 6. Use Keyword Insertion

Keyword insertion – substitute a keyword into an ad. It improves your Quality Score and makes your every ad unique to your keyword. You can apply it to headings and descriptions.

If you have a keyword that is longer than 30 characters, then dynamic insertion is better in the description, if less – in the headings. If you want to put the main advantages in the headings, then dynamic insertion can also be used in the description and/or in the title and description. If Dynamic Insertion is used in the description, then the keywords will be highlighted in bold, as shown in Screenshot 3.


Screenshot 3 – Keyword insertion in description

Important. Dynamic Insert cannot be used when using near-target keywords! Otherwise, non-targeted visitors will click on ads.

Rule 7. Use data feeds

Data feeds are a feature of search ads that will save you time and drive the most targeted visitors to your website.
You can create ad modifier feeds with prices, locations, or device types.
For example, if you have shipping throughout Ukraine, you can create a data feed with all cities and towns and display it in your ads.

In practice, this happens as follows: if the user is in the Bila Tserkva and is looking for building materials, then the ad with the modifier will look like this: “Buy building materials. Delivery to the Bila Tserkva”.

Attention. Only 1 data feed can be used per ad.
We have prepared for you data feeds on cities of Ukraine in Russian and Ukrainian –

Rule 8. Ad must be written in 1 language

It would seem a rule for granted, but if you use dynamic keyword insertion and you have keywords in Ukrainian, but the text of the ad is in Russian, then you get an ad with the following content: “Order a pizza in Kharkiv – Free Shipping. Give us a Call”.

Such an error occurs when there are several campaigns in your account and one of it is in Ukrainian, while all the ad extensions are written in Russian.

The result is such an ad:

“Buy a swimsuit in Kharkiv – Price from 500 UAH.
10% discount. 1500+ sets. Kharkov sewing factory. Give us a call.
Models of Summer 2017. For all types of shape. Natural fabric”

Rule 9. Form + Content

Content. The ad text should describe the main benefits of your services/products. It needs to be described briefly to cover as many of your perks as possible.

The form. Make your ad more visible with characters that are not prohibited by the Ads policy.

When combining these rules, we get the following ad:


Screenshot 4 – Description and URL paths that make the ad visible.

Agree, the first option attracts much more attention than the rest ones.

Rule 10. Rush your users

The key to good sales are discounts that last a limited time. Indicate your discount in the ad indicating that its term will expire soon.

This can be done with the countdown function, which is indicated on Screenshots 5 – 8


Screenshot 5 – In the description/title field, insert the symbol {and select Countdown


Screenshot 6 – Select the desired date and time for the end of the discount


Screenshot 7 – Put how many days until the end of the discount and select a language


Screenshot 8 – How the ad will look

The countdown function will display how much time is left before the end of the discount. If this operation seems complicated to you, you can simply indicate in the ad the end date of the discount with the call “Hurry up and order”.

Rule 11. Write impeccable

Reread your ads. Check for typos, match suggestions, and whether keyword insertion is spelled out correctly.


Screenshot 9 – Keyword insertion is misspelled

Important. Headings, Description and All Extensions must begin with a capital letter! Figure 11.2 shows typical errors of neglecting this rule.


Screenshot 10 – Incorrectly specified clarifications

Rule 12. Create multiple variations of each ad

Write a few ads options and label each option to bring more targeted visitors.

What is it for? Using reports, you can look at the report on ad labels and determine which options bring more conversions or a higher click through rate. You can stop ineffective options, and optimize your ads based on effective ones so that they bring even better results.

Write ads efficiently with ITForce!
In the next article, we’ll talk about the main myths of contextual advertising. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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